The Physics of Encounter

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Born in 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio, Roderick H. Boes became interested in the mind/matter enigma during his university studies of psychology, physics, and philosophy, which led to a B.A. degree in 1954. He interrupted his graduate work as research assistant in experimental psychology to absolve his two-year military obligation which took him, at his request, to Germany and to France. Having spent nine years of his childhood in Germany after the divorce of his German-born mother from his American father, he decided to postpone his return to the United States and was able to finance his stay in Germany by working as a journalist. When the German television network ARD offered him a job as a TV producer and newswriter, he abandoned the idea of returning to the United States, a decision that led to a career as an anchor and reporter for German TV.

Far from abandoning his original interests, he used his journalistic work and his professional travels, which often took him to the United States and numerous other countries, for contacts that stimulated his private effors to keep abreast of developments in the field of mind-related physical phenomena. He attended scientific conferences and, over a period of several decades, worked on early versions of the manuscript that he has now expanded to fill the book entitled “The Physics of Encounter”. The breakthrough came after his retirement in 1994 and was catalyzed by a number of recent developments in theoretical physics.

Roderick H. Boes lives in Berlin, Germany.